My Story


I am a licensed trial lawyer in the state of Missouri and I have been practicing almost exclusively personal injury defense since 1987. I have had the  opportunity to try cases from Hannibal, Missouri to Joplin and from Caruthersville to Kansas City. The last 13 years I was the managing principal of the Springfield office of the largest defense firm in the State.   

What those 24 years of experience showed me was that the big retail, insurance, trucking and manufacturing companies have significant resources to spend on defending their drivers, policies, premises and products. I also had the opportunity to meet and try cases against some of the best plaintiff trial lawyers in the state. Trust me, insurance companies have a completely different attitude and apply a different analysis, regarding the value of the plaintiff's case, depending on the identity of the plaintiff's choice of lawyer.  Some cases are assigned double the value based on that fact alone!

Don't let your case and your future end up in the hands of the wrong lawyer.  It is true that ninety-nine percent of the personal injury lawyers in Southwest Missouri are extremely competent and significantly experienced to handle auto accident and small injury cases with limited hospital stays and minor long-term permanency such as sore backs, shoulders, joints etc.

But if you're a family member has had significant injuries requiring surgery, lengthy hospitalization, paralysis, memory loss or cognitive deficits with significant wage loss, or a complete inability to return to work, then you simply cannot afford to place your future and the future of your dependents in the hands of just any lawyer.

Contact me through this website or call me at 417-849-1215 at your first opportunity and let me help you get connected with the lawyer that has the most experience and best track record to give you the best opportunity for highest settlement or verdict.

Past results are no guaranty of future performance but, you owe it to yourself and your family members to put their future in the hands of the best.  Let me help you find that lawyer.  There is no obligation and I collect no fees from you for the service. Additionally, my service will not increase the fees that you agree to pay the lawyer you hire to handle your case.

You have nothing to lose to let me help you.

There is no charge to you for my service. If you agree to hire the lawyer that I introduce you to and your case is successful resolved that lawyer may decide to pay me from the fee you have negotiated with him, based on the amount of time I spend assisting them in the case.